LVI-Time-On Ltd. Reliable HVAC Engineering since 2014. Our service platform includes buildings HVAC system engineering and project execution from small privately owned houses to large, multi-supplier construction projects. In addition to greenfield projects, our offering includes wide range of smaller scale rebuilds and services such as HVAC system renovations, piping rehabilitation, heating / cooling network improvements and settings as well as entire heat distribution center rebuilds. All based on over 25 years’ HVAC systems hands-on experience.

HVAC Engineering and Site Management

  • Town- and terraced houses and apartments
  • Office-, schools- and industrial buildings as well as hospitals and health centers
  • Foreman Services based on statutory reguirements

HVAC Installation Services

  • Town houses: Complete HVAC platform from civil engineering to final adjustments
  • District and geothermal heating systems and related systems without supplier limitation
  • Emergency support 24/7

HVAC systems control and measurement services

  • Climate control adjustments
  • Heating and hot/tap water system adjustments
  • IR camera surveys

Other Services

Consulting services for energy and heating systems engineering

  • Pre- and feasibility studies
  • Energy audits and investments cost estimations
  • Exhaust air heat recovery and geothermal heating systems feasibility studies, cost estimations as well as installation site management
  • Energy production and distribution planning as well as consulting services
  • Snow melting systems


LVI-TIME-ON offers modern installation, repair and specialist services at any time and place. Our emergency covers e.g. pipeline leakages, HVAC system hardware failures as well as temperature and climate control errors. Our operating hours are 24/7. Contact information for general and emergency services you can find from: take contact